Zeoshi Uprez


Zeoshi Uprez transforms live-action and animated HD and 2K television and cinema content into stunning 4K and 8K.

We combine cutting-edge A.I. with the computing power of the AWS Cloud to future-proof your existing content libraries, enable new revenue streams, and put more of your budget on the screen. The results are natural-looking, artifact-free, and entirely faithful to the original creative intent.

Our Technology

We've designed unique machine learning algorithms

Media Experience

Zeoshi's A.I. algorithms are developed using our experience from image processing hundreds of millions of frames of Hollywood's (and the world's) most valuable movies and TV shows.


We believe in putting quality first. Then we harness the tremendous computing power of the Cloud to meet your timelines and budgets.


We know how valuable your content is, so we've designed our platform from the ground up to comply with the industry's most rigorous security practices for high-value media assets.

For a more in-depth view of our technology please consult our FAQ

Our Pricing

Simple, pay as you go, pricing, for a fraction of your production budget

National TV Ad

Estimated Ad Budget

$250K to $2M
30-second spot with several variations

Estimated Zeoshi Budget*

4K UHD ~ $2,800
8K UHD ~ $3,700
Test Zeoshi Uprez

30 Min. TV Show

Estimated Episode Budget

$1.5M to $3M
Single-camera half hours on broadcast and cable

Estimated Zeoshi Budget*

4K UHD ~ $3,900
8K UHD ~ $5,000
Test Zeoshi Uprez

1 Hour TV Show

Estimated Episode Budget

$2.5M to $10M+
Broadcast $2.5M+, Premium Cable and Streamers up to $15M

Estimated Zeoshi Budget*

4K UHD ~ $5,000
8K UHD ~ $6,300
Test Zeoshi Uprez

2 Hour Movie

Estimated Movie Budget

$20M to $50M+
Hollywood movie, production/post only (not talent, etc.)

Estimated Zeoshi Budget*

4K UHD ~ $7,000
8K UHD ~ $9,000
Test Zeoshi Uprez

Volume discounts are available for archives. Deep discounts for exciting companies willing to do publicity.

*Prices estimated. For full pricing details, please contact: sales@zeoshi.com

Our Team

40+ Years of Image Processing experience

Image Description

Kimball Thurston


An industry veteran with 20 years of experience in software development and leading software development teams writing high-end image processing platforms for major technology and entertainment companies. Led the software development team at Lowry Digital that won the Academy Award for Technical Achievement for The Lowry Process. Developed image processing software for Dreamworks, Apple, RFT, Dolby, and Weta.

Image Description

Robin Melhuish


An industry veteran with 15 years of experience in high-end image processing for Hollywood. General Manager at Lowry Digital. Set up the world's largest offshore film restoration facility for Reliance MediaWorks. Managed and executed image processing for clients like Warner Brothers, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Disney, and MGM. Worked for 15 years in the camera department on many notable motion picture films.

Image Description

Patrick Cooper


A 20-year industry veteran with experience enhancing millions of frames of Hollywood's most valuable properties. At Lowry Digital, led teams on the image processing of films from the Star Wars, Indiana Jones, James Bond, and Avatar series, and worked with the Engineering team to continually develop and refine The Lowry Process. At Nokia, helped to launch the world’s first professional VR video camera, and was instrumental in product managing software designed to streamline stereoscopic 360 video workflows.