Frequently Asked Questions


Zeoshi is a revolutionary company building powerful A.I. tools that free storytellers from the constraints of today's workflows. We transform the way images are created and experienced. Our easy-to-use tools are available through any web browser, empowering people everywhere to tell incredible stories.

Founded by three Media & Entertainment image processing experts, Zeoshi transforms your motion picture content by combining cutting-edge A.I. with the tremendous computing power of the AWS Cloud.
Zeoshi Uprez uses our proprietary, cutting-edge A.I. to upscale your HD or 2K television and cinema content to 4K or 8K with extraordinary clarity and detail. Uprez takes professional video mastering formats as its input and then outputs any number of upscaled versions. For example, using an HD master as the source, Uprez can simultaneously output 4K and 8K upscaled versions.
Streaming Services

Your OTT platform’s strategy no doubt includes adding subscribers, reducing churn, and differentiating yourself from the competition. By uprezzing your HD content to 4K inexpensively and at scale using Zeoshi’s cloud-based A.I. tools, you can offer subscribers more value. Stand apart from your competitors by becoming the first streaming platform to provide a majority of their content library in outstanding 4K.

Content Owners

Creating a new 4K master is a significant project. Digitizing tapes or properly scanning, color correcting, and restoring film elements is expensive and time-consuming. The time and expense of 4K remastering limits even large media companies to a handful of 4K remasters a year. The vast majority of their libraries only exist digitally at HD/2K.

Additionally, many source elements do not contain 4K detail, as much original content was shot and post-produced at only SD, HD, or 2K resolutions. This includes film made from 2K digital intermediates completed from the early 2000s to the present. Scanning these film elements at 4K will not result in true 4K detail.

If you are interested in monetizing your content in new ways, Zeoshi Uprez can generate outstanding 4K versions of your content from existing masters inexpensively and at scale. You can add value to all the evergreen movies, TV shows, and documentaries in your library.


Perhaps you are creating new content that requires a 4K/UHD deliverable. However, you may decide that the ideal camera for your production is one that can only capture at a maximum of 2K to 3K resolution. By finishing at 2K and then uprezzing your 2K master to 4K with Zeoshi Uprez, you can produce a high-quality 4K/UHD deliverable and still use the camera and codecs you want. You can save time and money in Post, placing more of your budget on the screen and freeing up resources for other creative choices.


Imagine assembling a documentary where archival footage is cut in with new, high-resolution production footage. Additionally, some production footage may need to be zoomed considerably in Post to enhance the storytelling. Zeoshi Uprez can be applied to both the archival and the original production footage to increase resolution. Cut between archival shots, production shots, and post-produced zooms smoothly, enabling more creative flexibility and reducing visual distractions from the story.

Visual Effects

Perhaps you are rendering visually complex imagery for a 4K deliverable. Rather than spending rendering cycles on generating resolution, use those cycles, making the imagery more immersive and impactful to the story. Simply use Zeoshi Uprez to quickly upscale the final HD/2K renders to get the 4K resolution you need, on time and budget.

If you would like to discuss your specific needs with us to decide if Zeoshi Uprez is suitable for your application, please get in touch!
Traditional upscaling algorithms use mathematical techniques to increase the resolution while juggling the often-competing goals of preserving and sharpening the original's detail, introducing as few artifacts as possible, and running in near real-time.

Zeoshi Uprez's A.I. instead examines every pixel of every frame with sophisticated neural nets and decides how best to translate that to a higher resolution. Uprez puts quality first, and frames-per-second comes, uh, second! To meet your schedule, we parallelize our high-quality processing by taking advantage of the extraordinary computational power of the custom, dedicated render farm we dynamically spin up in the AWS Cloud.


We have designed the Zeoshi platform to have the extensibility to support as wide a range of professional video formats as possible. We currently support Quicktime-wrapped ProRes for input and output. We will add more formats in response to customer demand.

For source resolution, we officially support a minimum of 1280 x 720, though we have seen good results uprezzing lower resolution content. For the processed output, we support HD (1920 x 1080), 4K/UHD (3840 x 2160), and 8K (7680 x 4320).

For input, we support all standard progressive and interlaced frame rates (23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60). All outputs are progressive. We preserve the color and color space of the original.

Zeoshi Uprez is audio (and ancillary track) agnostic. The audio (and ancillary tracks) that exist on the Source content will be retained and re-muxed to any processed outputs. Zeoshi does not affect the audio of your content in any way.

If you have content in a different video format that you'd like to process using Zeoshi, even if it is labeled as “not supported” in our UI, please get in touch!
Zeoshi was born in the AWS Cloud. We can be quickly spun up in any major AWS region worldwide. We are currently in the US West - Oregon (us-west-2) region.

We will add other regions as customers request. If you have data in another region, please contact us.
We provide two options for receipt and delivery, self-service and high-touch service.

For highly efficient self-service processing with automated billing using AWS Marketplace, you will need an AWS account. When you sign up for Zeoshi, we will create a Source and a Target S3 object storage bucket in your selected AWS account and link those to your Zeoshi account. You will need to copy the content you wish to have processed into the Source bucket. This content will show up in your Zeoshi Admin App web interface, where you can initiate processing on your content. The processed output of Zeoshi will land in the Target bucket. You can then transfer the content from the Target bucket to your desired destination.

Please note that you are responsible for the costs of storing data in the Source and Target buckets, as these buckets reside in an AWS account controlled by you.

For a personal, high-touch service with more traditional billing processes, we will coordinate with you directly to create a secure space for your content through our technology partner We will then consult with you on your content and personally coordinate the processing of your content on AWS, using your space for receipt and delivery.

Please note that high-touch service incurs additional service fees.
For self-service processing, Zeoshi Uprez has a simple-to-use web-based UI. You can use this UI to select content in your Source buckets for upscaling. Unlike traditional video transcoding and image processing, our proprietary A.I. models decide how to transform each pixel in the frame to a higher resolution. There are no complicated and inscrutable parameters to set.

For high-touch service, we will consult with you using your content to determine which A.I. model works best and then apply the appropriate Uprez A.I. model as determined by your needs.

Please note that high-touch service incurs additional service fees.
Please contact Zeoshi Support with a detailed description of the issue at


All of Zeoshi's pricing is pay as you go. You only pay for the video files you process. Estimated prices for some common scenarios (½ hour TV, 1 hour TV, feature films, etc.) are on our website

We charge based on the length and resolution of your highest-resolution output from Zeoshi Uprez. Any lower-resolution versions generated at the same time from the highest-resolution copy cost a fraction of the high-resolution version.

For an exact estimate for your use case, please contact
Discounts are available for large volumes of content or for companies willing to partner with Zeoshi on marketing, testimonials, press releases, and joint seminars. Let's chat!
For self-service processing, you are billed for Zeoshi through your AWS account via AWS Marketplace.

When you sign up to process content using Zeoshi Uprez, we direct you to the Zeoshi Uprez AWS Marketplace listing on the AWS site to subscribe to the service. Your Zeoshi and AWS accounts will then be linked. When you process content using Zeoshi Uprez, Marketplace will be notified of the activity and bill your AWS account appropriately. You will not receive a bill directly from Zeoshi.

For high-touch service, you will be billed directly by Zeoshi through more traditional billing methods. Please note that high-touch service incurs additional service fees.
Simply get in touch with to receive a free consultation on your content in order to establish confidence that Zeoshi Uprez is the right solution for you.
We want you to be delighted with Zeoshi's results.

For technical concerns where problems occur due to technical issues with Zeoshi's systems, our team of experts will address those concerns. If it’s our fault, we'll fix it at no cost to you! If our experts determine the issues are a result of the source material, we will review the frames and determine the best course of action.

We apologize that we are unable to refund the cost of processing frames that contain damage or artifacts in the source material. While we are not a restoration service, we have many years of experience in that arena. We are happy to refer you to a facility that can fix issues with your originals before you use our services.


Zeoshi follows AWS's best practices for Media & Entertainment. AWS Media Blogs: Designing for Studio-Grade Security

Self-service processing is the most secure way to process content using Zeoshi and is the method we recommend for customers for whom security is of primary importance. For self-service processing, content is only stored long-term in the Source and Target buckets that reside in your AWS account.

Content handling when using self-service processing

All of Zeoshi’s data is encrypted in transit and at rest. It is never exposed to or transferred using the internet, only AWS’s super-secure data backbone and services. The data that resides in Zeoshi's locked VPC (virtual private cloud) is never stored as a video file, only as chunks of data with no customer identification. It is stored no longer than absolutely necessary to complete the image processing.

When your job is complete, we delete all of Zeoshi's processing servers and data.

Content handling when using high-touch service

Motion picture content is temporarily stored in the space we provide to you and in Zeoshi’s secure AWS object storage only as long as is necessary to service your material. is a highly secure video storage solution, audited by the TPN and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.

For content that is processing, the data that resides in Zeoshi's locked VPC (virtual private cloud) is never stored as a video file, only as chunks of data with no customer identification. It is stored no longer than absolutely necessary to complete the image processing.

When your job is complete, we delete all of Zeoshi's processing servers and data. Content will remain in the space and on AWS S3 until delivery is confirmed. Then we delete the original and uprezzed versions from both and AWS S3 storage buckets.
All Zeoshi accounts include the option of enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) for extra security at no additional cost. We support SMS MFA notifications in the US and TOTP worldwide.

We collect the minimum amount of information required to service you. All of your personally identifiable data is stored encrypted within the physically secure confines of the AWS cloud. When running the image processing, we use no personally identifiable data.

We only share the minimum required information with AWS needed for the integration with Marketplace as described in our Privacy Policy. We do not sell or share your information with any other third parties. We don’t use cookies.
If you are using self-service processing and are confident that you no longer need Zeoshi's services for a particular project, please follow this order of operations to close your account:

First, while logged into your linked AWS account and with the proper region selected, transfer off any data contained in the Zeoshi-created Source and Target buckets that you wish to retain. Once you have a copy of everything you need, delete everything inside the Source and Target buckets.

Then, on the Zeoshi site, click "unsubscribe" in the user menu on the upper-right of the webpage. Clicking "unsubscribe" will initiate the closing of your account in Zeoshi and will also take you back to your AWS account and into the AWS Manage Subscriptions page.

In the AWS Manage Subscriptions page, click the "Manage" button on the Zeoshi Uprez In the AWS Manage Subscriptions page, click the "Manage" button on the Zeoshi Uprez subscription. Click "Actions'' and then select "cancel subscription". Then confirm that you want to cancel the subscription.

Still, in the AWS console, select the proper region in the upper-right of the page (AWS sometimes resets the region to "N. Virginia"). Then go to the Services menu and search for CloudFormation in the search bar, or select it in the list of services. Once on the CloudFormation services page, select "Zeoshibuckets" in the list of stacks, and then click "Delete." Refresh the page to confirm the deletion.

If AWS was not able to delete the "Zeoshibuckets" stacks, check to see if there are files in either the Source and Target buckets. If there are any files in the buckets, please back them up and delete them. Then try to delete the "Zeoshibuckets" stack again. The stack cannot be deleted if there are files in the Source or Target buckets.

We will then remove your account's infrastructure from our system.